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The best beach bars in Mallorca

In Mallorca there are many beach bars where you can enjoy a meal or a drink. In Rondaia we want to show you three of the beach bars that we like the best, so you can enjoy your stay in Mallorca.

Ca's Patró March, Cala Deià

This magnificent beach bar in Cala Deià has been the setting for movies like "The Night Manager". The setting is unique and very characteristic of the Mallorcan Tramuntana.

Restaurante Illeta, Camp de Mar

This island is a classic Mallorcan beach bar. Both by day and by night you can enjoy the feeling of being on a boat on land.

Ponderosa, Playa Muro

Located on the busy Playa de Muro, Ponderosa specializes in rice and paella. At this chiringuito, you can pass the time with a plate of paella and a glass of wine. Next to the beach you can rent a hammock for a refreshing siesta.

For all these places we recommend you to book in advance.

We at Rondaia Luxury Suites and Villas wish you a pleasant stay in Mallorca.

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