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Rondaia is the traditional name with which the Mallorcans call the stories or fables exemplary that passed down orally from parent to children, and which constitute one of the greatest popular expressions of our values, our traditions, and the wisdom accumulated over the centuries.These stories reflect the character of the Majorcans in an authentic and original way.


Rondaia is entertainment and it is humanity. Rondaia is also a symbol of joy, of a moment of rest, of meeting around loved ones, of music. Rondaia is, in essence, the reflection of the character of the Majorcans.The transmission of old values, but which are still valid and fully topical.


We have named our project Rondaia, because we want it to identify with all these values, chaired by the mallorcan hospitality and the mediterranean lifestyle :joy, rest, meeting, warmth, loved ones, who allow themselves to be welcomed and enjoy the island, in a traditional environment, perfectly adapted to the comforts of modern life, but without losing its essence and authenticity.

In this first phase, the Rondaia project materializes in the planting an organic vineyard and the construction of an accommodation of agrotourism.


The accommodations are located in various existing buildings on the estate, which make up a small resort, integrating luxurious suites and villas.

A project in which the entire family that owns the farm has participated. Each one contributing their knowledge, tastes, experiences, and what they do best.


We hope you enjoy it!


The Rondaia project will be completed, in the near future, with the installation of a winery to produce our own wines and the implementation of various wine tourism activities and promotion of the world of wine, such as visits to the vineyard and the winery, tastings, , participation in the harvest, training courses and the creation of a club for wine lovers.

At Rondaia we have dedicated special attention to interior design, trying to achieve spacious, welcoming rooms, very bright and perfectly integrated into their surroundings.  


For the villas we have used natural materials and a color palette inspired by the surrounding nature. The local product has been the protagonist in the design of the rooms, bathrooms, carpentry, furniture, lamps and other ornamental pieces. being all the native materials of the island.

For the suites we have tried to maintain the original style and colors of the building, with a more traditional character and decoration,  

The decoration of the rooms, including the exclusive design of the kitchenettes, part of the furniture and the paintings, bears the signature of Francina Arrom - by Wansina -, daughter of the owner family, a superior architect who has taken over the generational hand from her grandfather, Gabriel Arrom, famous decorator, whose previous interventions in the estate have been collected by the most prestigious decoration magazines. 

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