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Where to spending your holiday in Mallorca?

Turquoise pool surrounded by trees and palms. A privileged place to relax.

Rondaia Pool (May)

Mallorca could be described as a small continent; the island has mountainous areas, plains and different coastal areas (sand, rocks or ravines). It is a paradise, which is why we probably ask ourselves the question: where should I spend my holidays?

So what are we talking about? Winter break, spring break or maybe summer break?

Let’ s see them one by one:

  • Winter or Christmas holidays

Winter on the island is a time of great calm, you will not experience a great influx of people, but you will find pleasant temperatures and gastronomic leisure options. It is a very good opportunity to get to know Mallorcan gastronomy and visit restaurants difficult to book in high season. It is also a good opportunity to get to know Palma and stroll through the streets of the beautiful towns of Mallorca.

Architecture, landscapes and Mediterranean culture

Banyalbufar, 20 minutes from Rondaia (February)

Our farm is located just 15 minutes from Palma, similar to Banyalbufar, Valldemossa, Soller or Deiá. The blossom of the almond tree in February decorates the entire Tramuntana with pink and white tones.

  • Spring break or Easter

The budding of the vines marks the beginning of spring. The landscape vibrates with colors, the sun gains strength and the daylight hours lengthen.

Sunset between vineyards. Green, blue and yellow colors

Sunset in Rondaia (April)

The scent of orange trees and jasmine becomes stronger, the noise of the streets during Holy Week and the singing of Mallorcan traditions fill everything. In Mallorcan houses they make panades, robiols and crespells as a family, and participate in the processions at night. Everything has a special color. The first baths in the sea and in the pool are combined with calm rains that enhance the color of our fields.

In short, it is a wonderful time to visit the Mallorcan countryside.

  • Summer vacation

In summer there are many options, but most people are looking for the tranquility of the water, be it on a boat, on the beach or by the pool, and the enjoyment of a glass of white or rosé wine.

From mid-July onwards, the beaches start to fill up and it becomes more difficult to enjoy them for hours at a time, so it's important to have a place to escape the crowds.

The fresh breeze that comes from the north and the freshness of our valley make not only our vineyards, which produce fresh and pleasant wines, appreciate but also those who visit us. Rondaia is a paradise between mountains and vineyards, a place to escape the crowds but still enjoy the tranquility of being just a few minutes from the city and the leisure and restaurant areas. Well-known areas such as Puerto de Andratx, Puerto Portals and Puerto Adriano are 20 to 30 minutes from Rondaia.

Picnic in Mallorca, enjoy wine and good food

Our picnic (August)

Staying in the Tramuntana in summer is always a good option.

  • Autumn

We should not forget autumn either, a warm and wonderful time when the island undergoes a complete transformation, from the greens and browns of summer to oranges and browns. Here the temperature is favorable for taking up mountain activities, cycling and other outdoor sports such as golf.

We find rainy days and sunny days and temperatures that can easily exceed 20 degrees Celsius. It is the clear transition from summer to winter, when the Mediterranean, with the gentleness of a mother, gradually caresses the change of seasons. We could call it real autumn, a time of transition when vines and other trees rest and gain strength until the next summer.

Orange dominates, gives peace and joy

Rondaia vineyard (end of October)

The ideal place to stay at this time would be near the Tramuntana. In this area it is easy to go on excursions or golf courses and watch the orange sunsets.

Anyway, at any time of the year we await you in Rondaia with a glass of wine, and a warm welcome.

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