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After four years taking care of our vineyard, we have managed to create our first organic wine : Rondaia Blanc 2022 .

The total production of this vintage has been 995 bottles .

Tasting notes:

Colour: It is a straw-colored wine with a golden rim, very characteristic of its variety.

Aromas: Citrus fruits such as lemon or grapefruit stand out in the aromas. As the wine warms and oxidizes, it acquires compote-like aromas, such as lemon curd.

Taste: It is a very well structured wine thanks to 7 months of aging on lees. Its freshness and natural acidity, more typical of Atlantic wines, stand out.

Tasting recommendations:

Do not drink too cold . Its roundness and freshness in the mouth, and its citrus aromas, make it a high quality wine that should be consumed at around 12 degrees Celsius.

Rondaia Blanc 2022

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