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5 wines from Mallorca that you should try

Tramuntana, wine and vineyards of Mallorca
Map of the vineyards of Mallorca

Since the arrival of the Roman Empire, viticulture spread throughout Mallorca. This is how native varieties such as Callet, Malvasía de Banyalbufar or Mantonegro were created. Many vineyards disappeared due to phylloxera, causing huge production losses. Mallorca has not yet reached their past production levels.

When you visit the island you may want to try some of their wines. That's why I leave you with 5 essentials:

  • Armero i Ardrover Reserva Familiar (€37.09)

Mallorcan red wine, Mallorcan grape variety, Callet.

This wine, made with the Callet variety, has a garnet red color and very distinctive varietal characteristics that make it perfect for getting started with this grape. Spices predominate. Each grape is selected manually to give the wine a more intense color. This variety, like the rest of the Mallorcan red varieties, is characterized by its thin layer. With a great selection effort the influence of anthocyanins is increased, and the color is enhanced.

  • Desconfío de la gente que no bebe (€45.00)

Mantonegro variety, Majorcan grape, Bodega Ribas, good wine.

Desconfío is the result of more than 300 years of family history producing quality wines on the island. The Ribas family is responsible of this wine which we could easily be described as the real Mantonegro. It is a wine 100% Mantonegro, with a medium-low layer and aromas that highlight ripe fruit and carob.

  • Son Ravell (€23.70)

Viognier wine, Pla i Levante wines, white wine

We return to the Armero i Ardrover family, but this time with a Viognier White. A wine fermented between oak barrels and concrete tanks, making it ideal for aging.

  • Ánima Negra (€45.30)

A wine, an exceptional red wine, good Mallorcan wines.

Many people know ÀN, a wine made mainly from Callet that has set the pace for the rest of the wineries in Mallorca on a commercial level.

  • Rondaia Blanc (€28.00)

The best Mallorcan white wine, Tramuntana wine, history of Mallorcan wine.

Finally, we couldn't miss our wine, made with Malvasía de Banyalbufar, fermented for two months and then aged on lees for five months. A wine of great natural freshness that could remind us of certain Atlantic areas, but without losing all the essence and history of Mallorca. It is a wine to take into account.

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